On this show we talk with Jared Creasey aka Yoshiro who is the community manager for TWI the publisher of Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad.

Jared gives us the inside picture of how the beta is going and answers a lot of questions that have been on the players minds.

In addition we attempt to cover the total lack of PC information released at the CODXP event and that's no easy task.

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On our 37th cast we discuss the three great games coming our way this fall.

Starting with Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad, a great paying realism based shooter, soon to be released in September.

Followed by BF3 and topped off with MW3.

Returning from our long absence we are joined by some familiar voices who have helped make the show so popular.

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This is a Crosshairs Gaming Radio August Community Gaming Report.

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For more info please visit this forum post by JockYitch at BashandSlash.com

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On our first cast back from our long vacation we discuss:

Gaming services and how they affect the gamer

COD BO Mod Tools

Crysis 2 and it's patches

A bit of Alice Madness. The sequel to sequel to American McGee's Alice

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Our special Easter show is a discussion among friends about the Portal 2 video game.

With me for this impromptu cast is Toyed , Heycarnut and DJNOOB.

We hope you enjoy our conversation about this very unique and brilliantly crafted game from Valve.

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On part 1 of this CROSSHAIRS episode  we interview ROC the new anticheat reporting service prominently endorsed by Kaos_Chefs in the Homefront Forums. ROC which stands for Rules Of Combat explains their anticheat mission and site functionality.You can visit them and help report hackers at www.rulesofcombat.com

On part 2 of the show we discuss all the latest gaming news for the FPS games we love.

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On this our 32nd show we discuss the friction that occurred in the Homefront Forums concerning the two anticheat streaming services being endorsed and or used by KAOS. We clarify whether the ROC and PBBANS services truly crossed streams and what really went on. In addition we cover these other topics.

More Homefront Player feedback.

A Plastic Pirannha update.

Porting and why it gets a bad rap by PC gamers.

Yoshiro, TWI's CM joins us once again to help us discuss the ROHOS mods.

We are joined by Charles Ohlenberger the representative for the Iron Europe mod for ROHOS.

And much more.

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On this episode of CROSSHAIRS we are pleased to have Jared Creasy aka Yoshiro join us for the entire show.

Yoshiro is the Community Manager for TWI the developer of Red Orchestra Heroes Of Stalingrad.

We discuss all the latest news about the ROHOS beta and the nuts and bolts of the game.

In addition to Yoshiro talking about ROHOS we also get his input on many of our topics.

Topics such as



Battlefield 3

And more

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On our 30th show we discuss the game Homefront and give our first impressions.

In addition we stay current with the latest news on

Crysis 2


An more

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