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On our 47th cast we discuss the latest news relating to various topics.

Black Ops 2


Kickstarter and future scams

and more

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On this 45th cast I interview John Gibson the president of TWI the creators of Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad.

Along with John is ButchCassidy of The Wild Bunch Clan.

Butch is an organizer of the Scorched Earth Tournament that has just completed and was sponsored by TWI.

Some of the things we covered in the cast are.

The continued support and the new RO Classic Gamemode.

Friction within the RO Community.

The Rising Storm conversion mod.

And more.

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On our 44th cast we discuss Bioware's very popular game Mass Effect 3.

In addition we discuss the latest news about the BF3 patch and it's coming expansion packs.

Also we discuss some Blacklight Retribution.

Joining us on the cast we have 3 newcomers JO3_33, Pretoryan and MizKitten.

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On Our 43rd Cast we welcome back some of the RIKOCHET team before they travel to GDC.

Joining me on the cast is my cohost Joker

Jason Brice a founder of Plastic Piranha

Zeroy a Plastic Piranha mapper

Dreamgirl and Criostor the RIKOCHET community managers

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On our 42nd cast we discuss the exciting new FPS game from 2Dawngames called Ravaged

In addition we further explore Mass Effect 3 it's current DLC controversy and how to fix it's FOV.

And once again we discuss BF3 and all the buzz related to the community blackout and the massive patch notes released in response to it.

Joining me as always is my cohost Joker

My engineer Toyed

Vlogging manager Whiterook

Regular contributor Valleyhunter

Special guest Dreamgirl

And first time guest and competitive gamer Deathwish

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On our 41st cast we catch up on what the community is playing and we discuss BF3.

BF3 seems to be a game that draws us all in despite some of the annoyances we discuss on the show and this is a testament to the

spirit of it's teamplay and it's unique battlefield experience.

In addition we discuss the promising evolution of Rikochet by Plastic Piranha.

On this cast I am joined by





and Hawke

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On our 40th cast we welcome Jacob Freeman ,Head Product Mgr at EVGA along with Jason Brice who is a Founder, Managing Partner and Level Creator for Plastic Pirhana . Plastic Pirhana is the developer for the new FPS game RIKOCHET .

We discuss the the Geforce LAN6 and Plastic Pirhana's association with EVGA and the LAN.

In addition we discuss and clarify the BF3 beta and what it means for you the gamer.

Also our 6 seconds of MW3 PC news turns into an actual topic. Who knew?

We hope you enjoy the cast and don't forget to register at CROSSHAIRS where you can post about the shows and more.

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On this cast we get a long awaited return visit from Jason Brice. Jason is a Founder and Level Creator for Rikochet. Rikochet is the game by Plastic Pirhana. CROSSHAIRS is proud to be an official media outlet for the game and we hope to bring you exclusives from time to time.

We also get a pre-release visit from Alan Wilson from TWI. Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad releases on 9/13 and we will be continuing our coverage

for this highly competitive realism based shooter.

In addition we get a chance to talk with Butch Cassidy a member of The Wild Bunch Clan about their Scorched Earth Tournament For RO2.

Lastly Hawke and Josh Peckler join us to discuss COD Elite,and community VIP's

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On this show we talk with Jared Creasey aka Yoshiro who is the community manager for TWI the publisher of Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad.

Jared gives us the inside picture of how the beta is going and answers a lot of questions that have been on the players minds.

In addition we attempt to cover the total lack of PC information released at the CODXP event and that's no easy task.

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This is a Crosshairs Gaming Radio August Community Gaming Report.

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