A Live Experience

The Making Of The Show

I just wanted to say to the listeners that we have set the bar very high for Crosshairs.It has to be set high to be on Bashnet. I am sure Bash listeners understand that.

Until you do a show live it is hard to know what goes into it. It is a multitasking bee's nest of activity behind the scenes. Personally I love the pressure.So expect the show to improve as we move forward. There is preparation in the week leading up to the show gathering relevant material. In addition there is editing that takes place after the live cast is finished.

To create a live cast there are about 9 applications open in my setup between 2 pc's.That is just on my side.The other two hosts are also using applications while we cross communicate bringing callers on to the show.You can see in the picture how complicated it is.

We developed this show with your participation in mind . Expect us to solicit calls often . See you on the show !

Bleeds Setup

Toyed's Setup

Toyed's Setup