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On this 45th cast I interview John Gibson the president of TWI the creators of Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad.

Along with John is ButchCassidy of The Wild Bunch Clan.

Butch is an organizer of the Scorched Earth Tournament that has just completed and was sponsored by TWI.

Some of the things we covered in the cast are.

The continued support and the new RO Classic Gamemode.

Friction within the RO Community.

The Rising Storm conversion mod.

And more.

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On our 44th cast we discuss Bioware's very popular game Mass Effect 3.

In addition we discuss the latest news about the BF3 patch and it's coming expansion packs.

Also we discuss some Blacklight Retribution.

Joining us on the cast we have 3 newcomers JO3_33, Pretoryan and MizKitten.

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On Our 43rd Cast we welcome back some of the RIKOCHET team before they travel to GDC.

Joining me on the cast is my cohost Joker

Jason Brice a founder of Plastic Piranha

Zeroy a Plastic Piranha mapper

Dreamgirl and Criostor the RIKOCHET community managers

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