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On our 27th live show we discuss the proper way to interact with the developers of the games we love using the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. method.

In addition we keep you abreast of the latest news surrounding:

BF3 and EA's goals for it to be GOTY

Crysis 2 and the coming PC demo

Danger Close and it's plans for it's next game

Dead Island. The atmospheric trailer and the games premise.

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On this our 26th cast we discuss the need for Battlefield 3 to re-stake it's claim as "King of The Series". We also discuss the potential differences it will have as compared to Bad Company 2 and it's need to stand apart from that game.

In addition we discuss these other topics:

More videogame violence reports in the media.

CODBO patch updates and their effects.

Quality in videogames.

Activision's Beachead.

A Crysis 2 update and discussion about the leaked game.

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On this our 25th show we are pleased to have had the opportunity to broadcast live from  Tripwire Interactive's studio.

little did I know that I would be included in a playtest with the Russian Press and 2 others who are members

of The Wild Bunch Clan who are long time Red Orchestra enthusiasts.

Originally I was interested in reporting on the game making process for the community.

A community less aware of the developer's challenges during the game making process

than our own displeasure over the products we buy.

I want to thank John Gibson and all the others who showed their wonderful hospitality during my visit.

Keep an eye on ROHOS as the game further develops. It could be a game worthy your attention

at a time when gamers feel less appreciated than ever.

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