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On this episode of CROSSHAIRS we discuss the upcoming FPS Homefront and all the core PC features that are being delivered. It is clear that Kaos studios and Digital Extremes have been listening to the needs of gamers. The gamers they describe as being Core PC gamers. Will we be the gamers that this franchise can build it's IP around ?

In addition we cover many other exciting topics and listen to your content suggestions from the BASHandSLASH CROSSHAIRS forums.

Also we introduce our Voicemailbag segment with a question from Brandon Farr

Those topics are:

Tweaks and cheats and the ethics behind them.

MW3...Yet another Call of Duty.

Valve's Sexy MOD-EL for the future.

Plastic Piranha and some exciting news about their future.


Crysis 2

And much more .

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Welcome back to CROSSHAIRS everyone. It's a new year and on our first show back we thought we would look at the games we covered on the first 22 episodes. In addition we take a look forward into the year and get a bead on what games might be grabbing our attention.

As well we present the first of what we hope will be familiar spots on the show.

Plastic Piranha.  The FPS community's very own home grown game developers. Joker and Trailertrash, who are both part of the PP team, present the game to the community and take some Q&A.

Joining us for this show are some new voices in addition to all our friends from the prior year.

Joker my Cohost

Toyed my Engineer

Joao our Crosshairs Indie Game Specialist

Noches our German Correspondent.

Heycarnut our resident Tech Specialist




Xaio from Blackmonkeys

Also we want to welcome two new voices who are ROHOS specialists Lemon and Zetsumei.

Some of the new games we look forward to are:

The Plastic Piranha effort, BFBC2 Vietnam,Homefront, Battlefield 3, Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad, Brink, Crysis 2 and Duke Nukem.

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