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On our Xmas show we welcome back John RammJaeger Gibson the president of Tripwire Interactive.

John discusses his coming release Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad and spreads his Xmas generosity by

participating in an epic 2 hour cast.

Some of the topics we discuss

The collaborative Valve/TWI Twisted Xmas event on Steam involving Killing floor and Team Fortress 2

The recent PCGamer magazine spread and it's highly charge front cover Shellshocker entitled "Why Red Orchestra2 will beat Call of Duty Black Ops"

The community differences between TWI and other Mainstream developers

And so much more Santa's Sack can't hold it all !

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On this episode of CROSSHAIRS  we take a look at the mood of the community and

cover these pertinent topics

  • Is the community saturated with CODBlackOps and are we tired of Bling
  • Can Treyarch please turn on the VACuum.
  • Is the server browser tuned for to force players to play Treyarch style
  • Have we had enough of Perks and Killstreaks
  • On our Gaming 101segment with heycarnut we discuss the trend towards CPU intensive games
  • RO HOS and it's "In Country Mod"
  • Homefront and it's PR
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