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On this episode of CROSSHAIRS we discuss a variety of items associated with Call Of Duty Black Ops.

In addition we keep current with the next FPS releases that are just around the corner.

Also we introduce out Gaming 101 segment in which Heycarnut instructs us on the functions and usefulness of the lagometer.

Our topic breakdown includes

  • Playing Black Ops from the eye of a modder
  • The single server provider experience
  • Gaming 101 The Lagometer
  • The security and enforcement policy for Black Ops
  • Prestiging and it's importance to the gamer in Black Ops
  • Sniper tuning in Black Ops and how other games have balanced.
  • RO HOS
  • Brink
  • Homefront
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We are now two weeks into the release of Black Ops and some things are becoming crystal clear about the game.

Black Ops is not mw2 for the greater hardcore players and the game is being treated seriously by the community.

Yet BlackOps has some holes in it that need to be filled. And like a leaky boat we had a patch just last night that improved the game for many but just when you hoped the community might be done bailing water another leak appeared for others as the Black Ops forums lit up with rage and sarcasm directed at Treyarch.

Yet we want to give kudos to pcdev for releasing a patch on a Friday night. Compared that to other devs where they only released patches at the beginning of the week it's clear pcdev and Treyarch are working overtime to get this game optimized.

On this weeks CROSSHAIRS we discuss COD Black Ops and the results of the latest patch.

pcdev is resurrected

The server Brooooowser. ZZZZZZ

Also in our Indie Game Roundup segment we discuss

RO HOS with John Gibson returning to our irc

And returning this week is our Community Keyhole segment

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It's been 2 years from codwaw when we had a game with dedicated servers and full of promise. 1 year ago we were playing MW2 and it was pretty clear right from the start that it wouldn't fit the needs of a discriminating pc gamer. Today we have been through a week of BlackOps and it's time to take the pulse of the community and discuss whether BlackOps itself has a pulse.

We know there have been issues right from the start lag is a problem despite the first client side patch in addition to some server side tweaks

A server browser that appears not to have been ready to handle the crush of players you would naturally expect with a release of this magnitude.

A competitive community open to the game yet wondering if they were left at the alter with no way to modify the game to their liking.

And Treyach with it's nose to the grindstone trying to make order out of the release chaos.

Yet, what if ?  What if treyarch  does a superb job patching this game to standards high enough for a discriminating gamer.

Are the basic fundamentals in place wherebye a community can play and enjoy and commune around it

for a time period longer than the time it takes to maximize dlc profits?

These maps we are given...Do they appeal to you the gamer?

are you loving the avatar movement?

How do you feel about the way this game levels the playing feild between gamers of varying skills? Do you love the core gameplay.

These are some of the questions we address on this episode of CROSSHAIRS

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Here we are just  2 days away from the Black Ops release. For some few it's a gamers nightmare but for most gamers it's their  next call of duty fix. Black ops is going to open with a bang and virtually everyone is going to play the hell out of it. Except for a stout and sturdy few who will wait for the hardest of hardcore reviews to come in before they  purchase it.

But for them as the old saying goes "it is better to have loved than to have  never loved at all" and whether they love it or not this latest iteration could force them on to other games for their most serious of pleasures.

But for the overwhelming majority Treyarch has cobbled together a simile of those past game releases that were PC centric. Like the old way but unlike it in that Treyarch maintains  almost complete control out of the box with some implied promise of mod tools while blowing a kiss and turning it's back to those most hardcore server admins.No open server files.

On this show we are joined by some familiar and some new voices whereby we gauge the community's reaction to this impending release.

pstjoker from

Valleyhunter from Fragtastic

ToYed my engineer

Whiterook from EPXY Gaming




Heycarnut from pcgamingtips





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After CROSSHAIRS 15, A John Gibson Interview, the panel and I were pleased when John

Stayed and talked on Skype for more than an hour. Surprisingly John had a few questions for the COD community too.

So if you are a fan of realism and or the Red Orchestra game series you can get your fix here.

So enjoy our relaxed community discussion where we cover these topics:

1 System Requirements

2 Will RO HOS be a  crossover game between casual and harcore realism ?

3 John asks what the COD community likes in a game.

4 How will the RO HOS beta be released

5 Destructibles and the method in which they are applied

And much more.

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