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On this weeks show we discuss

  • COD BlackOps and some Developer's Tweets.Hints?
  • Analyst Michael Pachter calls for Activision to go for MP Pay To Play
  • The BASHandSLASH interview with Charlie Cleveland about his Indie release Natural Selection 2.
  • The new Frontlines R3L04D Mod for COD4
  • And as usual our Community Keyhole segment
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Amongst the topics today:

  • Where is Treyarch getting community input from for CoD:BO?
  • Should Treyarch provide Mod Tools for CoD:BO?
  • Given how our hardcore community bashes the developers of the games we play, why would the devs help us out with communication? Have we dug our own grave with them?
  • Activision's idea of working with Dell and HP to build TV-ready gaming boxes and thus provide a subscription-based business model for the home TV.
  • Ranking systems and modded servers...can they mix?
  • Topics from the listeners of CROSSHAIRS.
  • SP vs MP, time for divorce court?
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior reviews

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Some of the topics on today's cast:

  • Josh Olin and Machinima talk about player customization. What's up with that?
  • The Medal of Honor Beta. Everyone weighs in with a review
  • What went wrong with the MoH Beta download process?
  • Will the hardcore community like MoH?
  • What do you want in server admin functionality
  • PST*Joker vents his spleen. Clean up, aisle 3
  • Community Keyhole Segment: The latest goings on in the community.

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